Vinton Cycles offers steel hand-crafted bicycles, meticulously crafted one at a time by dedicated Italian artisans. To highlight the great style of the bicycles our customers yearn for, we fit them with high-class Sturmey Archer gears and steel rod brakes - two parts you will never see on mainstream brands. These unique parts complement the classic  look of our bikes, but also make looking after your bike a much easier prospect. We make sure that with our bicycles you get not only the highest quality workmanship, but that you also achieve the best comfort you've ever had - all wrapped up in a great stylish package. 

Italian quality and design, your life style.

Our talented artisans put focus on aesthetics giving attention to every detail.

We build relationships on passion and trust in quality products.


Test Ride available in the city of London.

For details contact us calling or texting.


07561 376 602