At Vinton Cycles, we transformed our passion for bicycles into a business idea. We worked hard on it, reviewed and changed it multiple times before we decided to “jump on and pedal”. This is how Vinton Cycles was born. Our mission is to pass on to other people and generations the values associated with cycling.


In many aspects of your life, a bicycle can change your life for the better: we have watched this happen many times, not only to us but to others around us. We spend most of our time on bicycles whether we are riding around the city to get to places or just chilling on a country ride. Riding a bike makes us feel happy and energised - it gives us a true feeling of freedom.



We want to spread the knowledge about all the benefits that riding a bicycle can bring to people’s lives. There is a deep-seated passion behind all of this, more precisely, the passion for old bicycles which are sadly disappearing from the streets. In today's modern cities, sometimes it is good to stop and reflect upon the past, relax more and appreciate the few old things that have remained unchanged.


It would be great if something as simple as a bicycle could make your mundane day a special one filled with wonderful biking memories. We would love to hear about your stories, maybe through sharing your own experiences and photos on our Facebook page.

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    Ivana (Monday, 12 February 2018 10:33)

    I love the concept and even more the elaboration and great attention to details. Style and technolgy in harmony - amazing <3

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    Jessica Gladstone (Friday, 16 February 2018 19:49)

    Beautiful bikes, crafted to a wonderful standard and a pleasure to ride as well as being a statement piece. I am in love with them.