We’ve created our own range of stunningly crafted cherry wood pedals and grips. They are treated with a special, luxuriously shiny varnish which help them last. This process also brings out a lovely wooden sheen which really sets the whole bike off.

Vinton Pedals

Hand-crafted pedals made from cherry wood



  • Ships within 5-7 days

Vinton Grips

Hand-crafted grips made from cherry wood: ᴓ 22.2 mm, length 103 mm*



  • Ships within 5-7 days

*If you need to customise the size of your grips please make a request in your order specifying the diameter and length needed.

“For me, the realisation of these artefacts is that they are not a job but a passion. If you want a unique and stylish bike, you need to customize it with our wooden objects.” says Andrea Odiardo - our skilled woodworker.