Sempione Classic Bicycle

Our Sempione bicycles hark back to the classic Italian style, a look which has remained unchanged over time. They are hand-crafted individually, one at a time, in the country known for its benchmark in quality bicycles. The small city of Padua is the place where the bicycles are constructed from the steel frames and where every single detail is carefully looked after by our experienced manufacturers.

Sempione is a very practical bike, perfect for leisure time and commuting through the city.  The classic design allows you to be comfortable and keep the upright position. You will also be highly visible and noticed for your great style. 


The full mudguards will keep your feet dry and your bike's bearings happy in the worst of the UK weather. With dynamo lighting, no matter the conditions you will be able to see clearly. We have also fitted a Sturmey Archer internal gear hub and steel chrome brake rods, which means you will hardly ever have to do any maintenance, having gears and brakes that just work.


To make the bike's look truly retro we have fitted beige rubber grips and the pièce de résistance a Brooks B67 saddle. This saddle was crafted to create comfort for the original Boneshakers, so you can rest assured that it will make every journey a pleasure.You can also customise the number of gears when ordering, choosing between the single speed and 3-speed.